Todd Gillingham Learning from Game of Hockey

Updated: December 3, 2012

Former professional hockey player Todd “Gilly” Gillingham has never been one to shy away from anything on the ice.  His determination, hard hitting style and gritty play carried him through his hockey career all the way to the AHL’s St. John’s Maple Leafs.

In the senior ranks here in Newfoundland, Gilly became a fan favourite in Corner Brook with the Corner Brook Royals.  Some criticized him and his style of play, but many others loved the intensity and excitement he bought to the game he loved.

Now retired, Todd is still supporting the game of hockey.  He writes a blog called “Gilly’s Gab” and tells it exactly like he sees it from where he sits.  He speaks from experience of growing up through the ranks of minor hockey, to striving to make the NHL and all the things he’s encountered through his career.

Todd understands what it takes to make it but that hasn’t made him change his perception of the game.  As he states on his blog:

Hockey is a GAME and it is a kid’s game that is meant to provide them with many things to help them become successful in life and if they decide at some point that they want to pursue it further then so be it, but at least they have been provided with the fundamentals to be successful in many other things …

There’s the real thing that parents, coaches and players have to understand.  Hockey is a game and it may not be what you ultimately do in your life but it lays the foundation for you to build upon.  Recognizing how hockey builds character, influences your life decisions and ultimately provides you with the fundamentals of success in your life is something that Gilly truly understands.

At the age of 36, Todd finished university, put his “life after hockey” face on and built himself a very successful life.  He never lost sight of his dreams and through all his successes and disappointments with the game; it gave him the character to be successful in what he’s doing today.  He gives back to the kids of his community, is an advocate for fair play and for the Newfoundland Hockey Scene.

If you tune into the CBC Morning show coming from the West Coast and Central throughout the senior hockey schedule, you’ll hear Todd and his fellow hockey enthusiasts talking about the game they love, about what has to be done to strengthen the game and the lessons that have to be learned from mistakes being made.  He’s an advocate for the sport that gave him what he has today.

Todd’s life lessons came from the game of hockey.  Listen to what he says and take the time to read his blog “Gilly’s Gab”.  You’ll gain a whole lot of respect for this individual and truly understand why he’s passionate about the game we all love.

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