Success Starts with Phys Ed

Updated: November 27, 2012

As governments and school administrators struggle to find ways to engage students, increase the number of contact hours with teachers and ensure that students are given the necessary tools for success in life, curriculum subjects such as art and physical education are often cut to make way for core courses.

Such a short sighted approach has led to many problems in our society.  We are seeing more and more health problems associated with our sedentary lifestyles.  There is an increase in obesity and childhood diabetes that stems not only from diet but from a willingness of our school administrators and governments to reduce the amount of physical education students receive.

Success is bred from living a healthy lifestyle and the key to living a healthy lifestyle starts with physical education.

Through physical education, students learn the value of taking care of themselves and how to eat properly.  They are provided with the foundation required to establish a regime of regular exercise.  They are taking the first step towards improving their health.

Obesity is a very serious problem in today’s society.  Doctors are stressing the urgency to curb the current trend and put us back on a path of healthy living.  Many modern conveniences have made us lazier than our ancestors.  We no longer have to spend hours outside working manual labour, walk great distances or depend upon being physically fit for survival.  Being overweight puts individuals in danger of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.  Physical education is the cornerstone of preventative measures and providing this those in our schools is essential to form good habits early in life.  It is important to teach the value of exercise and the benefits that can be realized throughout our lives from it.

Physical education also promotes academic learning, builds self esteem and develops cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship in our students.  These items are essential to success in whatever career we choose.

Encourage your school administrator to include more physical activity and promote physical education.  Encourage our children to become more involved in school sports, to eat healthy and participate in any physical activity offered by their school.  Help today’s students choose a lifestyle of doing rather than sitting.

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