Saying Good-bye to the Real Hockey Insider

Updated: November 30, 2012

He wasn’t a player and he wasn’t a coach but boy he was a fan.  Newfoundland senior hockey has lost one of its greatest fans today.  Tommy Buffett, 35, passed away after losing his battle with cancer.

Tommy’s claim to fame came about in part because of the hockey site Newfoundland Hockey Talk.  There he was known simply as “Tommy” and his signature “Tommy knows” was a signal to the rest of the fans who frequent that site that he did in fact know.  People on the popular hockey site had their nerves rubbed raw when Tommy chimed in on a topic because he certainly had his way to get his point across.  He had his finger on the pulse of the league, he knew many insiders and when he talked about something happening in the league, people listened because Tommy did know.

No one knew where he got his information or how he got his information.  People just grew to respect Tommy for what he did know because more times than enough, he was right on the money.

One year at a HNL meeting, somebody in the room had a laptop opened up at the table before the meetings started.  Somebody else walks in the room and asks why the laptop was open?  The answer was”waiting for Tommy to give us an update on the meetings” …  He was the true hockey insider, Tommy always had the “scoop” on what was happening.

As an avid Deer Lake Red Wing fan, Tommy wanted to see the local boys grow more involved with the game, he was critical of the import rules, he had an eye for talent, he knew when players were moving from team to team and had a knack of getting it right.  He was a passionate fan, he spoke his mind and he didn’t mind standing up for what he believed in.

Yet off the ice, those that got to know him saw a different person.  He was kind, he was funny and he was as we all are – fans of the game.  Tommy was a father and a husband.  His world was centred on the only things that he loved more than hockey – his wife Natasha and his daughter Molly.

Tommy wanted to help people, promote the game of hockey and make a difference in this world.  He organized the Mark Baldwin Memorial tournament, in memory of his cousin and friend who died at the age of 19 in a motor vehicle accident in Fort McMurray.  He stepped up to help others around him, made friends from fellow fans of the games and shared many laughs.

Throughout his illness, Tommy kept positive, vowed to fight to the end and to beat the disease that took his life.  He continued to work, he continued to cheer and he continued to live.  He showed his big heart throughout his battle and kept positive when most of us would have given up.

While the Newfoundland Hockey Community has lost a fan, the world has lost one of the kindest, passionate and caring people anyone could get to know.

Tommy, you will be missed.

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  1. Sharon & David Loder

    November 30, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Sending our sincere condolences to The Buffett and Caines family.So very sad.Hoping God will give you the strenght to go on with your daily life and remember Tommy with great love and joy.remeber all the fun times and laughter you shared.Knowing Natashas family i know Molly will be reminded everyday how great her daddy was and she will never forget the kind asnd wonderful person he was because of it.Hugs to all.

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