Memorial Tournament Lives On

Updated: January 29, 2013

Mark Baldwin Memorial Hockey Tournament Continues with Tommy Buffett Remembered

The driving force behind the Mark Baldwin Memorial Hockey Tournament was Tommy Buffett.  He took it upon himself to create a legacy for a friend and each year the Marshall Moores Arena in cox’s Cove was the home to the memorial tournament.  This year things are a little different.  Tommy lost his own battle when he died on November 29, 2012 after a five-year battle with cancer.

The Cox’s Cove recreation commission is stepping up to the plate and ensuring that tournament continues but this time, it will recognize two gentlemen who were taken at far to early of an age.

Those who knew Tommy saw his passion for hockey.  He loved the Deer Lake Red Wings, was known around the Newfoundland and Labrador Senior Hockey League (NLSHL) as the real hockey insider.  Some joked that he knew things about the league that even the league executive didn’t know.  He was dedicated and passionate about the game and he used his influence to remember his friend and cousin, Mark Baldwin who had died in a single-car accident when he was just 19.

Judy Wells-Park of the Cox’s Cove recreation indicated the group wanted to hold the Mark Baldwin/Tommy Buffett Memorial Hockey Tournament to recognize both these individuals.  The tournament will be held from February 1-3 in Cox’s Cove.

Anyone interested in icing a team or playing in the tournament can contact Wells-Park at 688-2938.

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